Professional Painters for Liberty Village.

Are you looking for professional painters to paint your condo in Liberty Village? Would you consider hiring Ecopainting? We love painting condos and our customers keep telling us how happy they are with the service that they receive. Our customers include condo and townhouse owners, businesses even a condominium building.

Liberty Village is a revitalized and vibrant neighbourhood in the south west of Toronto. It is situated between King Street to the north and the Gardiner Expressway to the south. It borders Strachan Avenue to the east and Dufferin Street to the west.

As early as the 1800s this was a heavy industrial area built in proximity to the railway. The major companies included Irwin Toy, Canadian General Electric, Massey-Harris and Toronto Carpet Manufacturing. This economic activity flourished right until the late 1970s. That’s when manufacturing costs became lower in the suburbs and rail road shipping started to decline.

The economic downturn caused the abandonment and neglect of the buildings and a decline of property values.

From 2004 onward, Liberty Village has experienced an unbelievable residential and commercial development growth. New condo buildings and businesses quickly transformed the area back to a viable economic hub for thousands of it’s residents. Even the old factories were transformed into office lofts, restaurants and spacious retail stores.

Painting for the Condo Owner in Liberty Village

A company that has success painting condos, does it by specializing on this type of painting. Condo paint jobs last only a day or two and that keeps the painters moving frequently from project to project. Having a strong customer base within a specific area will bring many referrals for similar work.

Many of Ecopainting customers are condo owners in the Liberty Village area. Knowledge of most floorplans and building materials makes for accurate pricing and familiarity for the painters. The typical condo suite here has an open concept kitchen and living area. The main bedroom is spacious and often includes an ensuite bathroom. Additional bedrooms are a decent size and bathrooms and closets are well thought out. Most condos have large windows overlooking the area and the railways.

Nice dark gray painted in Liberty Village

“I have been using Ecopainting for all of my painting projects for the past 5+ years and have recommended them to all my family, friends and clients.  Karon and George keep up the great work!!”
Matthew Cheung – Condo owner in Liberty Village.

Liberty Village townhomes are fairly narrow but well laid out with good sized rooms. The living space in a townhome is typically bigger than a condo apartment. The biggest difference that affects the pricing of the condo is the painting of the stairways. There are typically two stairways here with varying degrees of reaching difficulty. 

Available Services by Ecopainting

  • Painting of Condos and townhomes.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing (on site).
  • Wallpaper Removal.
  • Wall repairs and drywall service.
  • Minor Carpentry and crown moulding.
  • Popcorn texture removal and flattening.
  • Colour consultations by certified consultants.
  • Real estate pre-listing services.

What type of Paint and Colour should I use?

Colour is mostly a personal choice and we encourage customers to pick their own. Some customers have difficulty deciding what colour to use and ask our help. We usually bring colour swatches to residential painting estimates and typically offer suggestions. If the space is very difficult or you are decorating a small condo, we suggest hiring a colour consultant. A colour consultant can help you define your open space with colour and even tame the coldness of the window walls. We work with colour consultants and we will be happy to refer you to one of them.
What type of paint to use? The best quality you can afford. The builders paint that’s still present on condo walls is very low quality. Builders typically use chalky and flat paint to hide all the drywall imperfections. Unfortunately builder’s flat paint is not durable and not washable. Our number one recommendation is to prime the walls or use a more expensive self priming paint. The moment quality paint hits the wall, all drywall imperfections become visible. This would be the perfect time to ask your painters to fix these imperfections. The quality improvement after a professional paint job is phenomenal. Our paint of choice is Benjamin Moore but most manufacturers offer good quality paint. There are some exceptions when painting rental apartments but using cheap paint is false economy.

Use colour gray in condo

Recommended sheen. Main areas and hallways: use eggshell or washable matte.
Bathrooms, kitchen and laundry: use satin, pearl or eggshell for washability and humidity.
The doors, frames and trim look better and last longer in pearl or semi-gloss. If you are painting the ceiling, the appropriate sheen is flat. 

The majority of condos come with a popcorn textured ceiling. Popcorn (stucco) ceiling is difficult and expensive to paint. If it’s in good condition and still white we recommend that you don’t paint it. Should you want us to paint it, we need to prime it first with a solvent based primer. Water based paint will dissolve the texture and leave a terrible mess. Popcorn ceilings was a builder’s choice but it was never the best choice for most homeowners.

Painting for the Commercial Client in Liberty Village

Offices, and other businesses are located in the western part of Liberty Village. Here you will find Design studios, Media agencies and Upstart technology companies. The residents enjoy shopping, dining and even working within the growing community.

Our commercial clients in the area include:

  • Offices at 1 Atlantic Avenue and 67 Mowat Avenue.
  • Painting for PNR railworks at the bottom of Atlantic Avenue. All their exterior structures were vandalized with unsightly graffiti and they wanted us to clean and paint them white.
  • Willson Lewis LLP offices at the old Toronto Carpet Factory on Mowat Avenue.
  • Painted all the interior trim and elevator doors at the 59 East Liberty Street building. This work was done for the condominium corporation.
  • Redecorating for Take 5 Productions on Atlantic Avenue.

Lisa C. from Take 5 Productions left this glowing review for Ecopainting: “Karon and her team were amazing. They were all very professional, kind, and cared about their work. We had a very tight deadline on when we needed the work done and they came in under that deadline. They were all great communicators and I would highly recommend them and use them again in the future. Great job all around!”

Exterior painters at liberty VillageEcopainting in Liberty Village

For years Ecopainting had the pleasure of servicing residential and commercial clients in the area. We love working here and know the community well. Some of our clients are members of the Liberty Village Residents Association.

We do quality work and try to match our service to our customer’s needs. Some customers want a quick paint job to put their condo up for sale and others want a full redecoration. Our crews are professional, friendly and managed well by our job managers.

Call us at 416 733-7767 and meet with one of our representatives. We will listen to you and offer the best solution to suit your budget. Maybe we can connect you with some of our customer references.

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