Looking for a Painting Company in Toronto?

Finding painters for your home or business, how difficult can it be? Toronto painters are almost a dime a dozen. Drive along any street and you will see hundreds of signs advertising residential painting contractors. From “student” painters to franchise companies, there seems to be a lot of choice for the consumer these days. Unfortunately, finding a good painter is not as easy as it appears. Finding commercial painters is even more difficult. This is a simple business to start, and anyone with a brush and a ladder can call themselves a painter. A large number of Painting Service Companies launch every spring and they are all looking for customers. As a result of the low entry barrier, the customer service standards are poor. Consumers should do their homework before contracting any company for their project.

A Company with Professional Painters Instead of Subs.

Ecopainting has been a reputable Contractor in Toronto for over 20 years. Anyone reading our reviews and testimonials will notice how evident our painters professionalism is. We like to think that some of the best Toronto Painters work for our company. They are uniformed, polite and they are trained to deliver high standards of service. The following are some of the main reasons you would use Ecopainting Services for your home or business:

  1. We hire and train our own Painters and never use sub-contractors.
  2. Five million Liability Insurance and full WSIB coverage means peace of mind.
  3. Our Warranty is customer friendly, we stand behind our work.
  4. Our Painters follow paint manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Ecopainting is an eco-friendly contractor.

What to expect from Residential Painters

You have been thinking about it and you are finally ready to paint your home. You have been following some decorating trends, and even have some nice ideas for new colours. You asked your friends if they know any colour consultants in Toronto. You googled  “Painting Services” and now it’s time to get the ball rolling. You have some painters phone numbers to call and the wheels are now in motion. What should you expect from them? How high should your expectations be? The following are some basic standards that our Painting Company abide by:

The Consultation: as soon as you contact us, we will set up an appointment to meet and discuss the details of your painting project. The purpose of this meeting is to find out what is important to you and to assess your needs. Here we can talk about colours and specific paints and discuss any of your decorating ideas. This is the best time to ask the important questions about  the process and bring up any concerns you might have. Don’t be afraid to ask about the painters and our company. If you live in a condo, there are rules and regulations about contractors working in a condominium building.  We have experience dealing with this.
The Proposal includes in detail the painting work we discussed at our meeting. The “Scope of Work” section lists everything that gets painted. How many coats of paint, what type of primer, on which areas, the level of prep work, and so on. This is an important part for both the customer and the painting contractor. A lot of customer/contractor relationships can go south if the scope is not detailed.
The “Colour Schedule” can be part of this proposal if you chose them at this stage. Often the colour schedule gets prepared later if choosing colour is difficult. The proposal includes information about our painting company, insurance documentation, customer referrals, etc. The Pricing section includes cost detail for the entire project or for separate options. The price will not change, unless the scope of the work changes. Before any changes take place, the customer and the contractor have to agree in writing. A good proposal brings transparency throughout the contracting process. A transparent relationship is the foundation for a nightmare free customer experience.

A Nightmare Free Customer Experience?

You want to proceed now and hire Ecopainting for your painting project, so what’s next? Our office will schedule a tentative start date and will confirm it a few days before the work starts. A Job Manager will work with you from the start. His responsibility is to carry out the scope of work exactly as it appears in the proposal. A “walk-through” will take place with yourself and the Job Manager, to review the scope of work and colour schedule. This is where we discuss a lot of the necessary arrangements. Your schedule, times you leave/return from work, do you need us to lock up for you? Are there any concerns you have about your children, family members or pets being present? What about parking spaces, washroom use, electricity, etc. The Job Manager will secure all these details and will sequence the job and plan it with you. At this point it is a good idea to exchange day time contact information for daily reporting purposes or emergencies. When you leave for work you should feel confident that you chose the best Toronto Painters available.

Our painters are our own professional employees, trained to our standards. You will know who is in your home painting. We will cover your floors, protect your furniture and belongings. At the end of the day we will clean the work areas. Paints used will be eco-friendly coatings that will have zero to low odour, no matter what the colour. Throughout the entire process, the communication channels between yourself and the painters remain open. At the end of the project, you will do a final walk-through with the Job Manager to make sure that the scope of work is completed. This is the time to bring up any final concerns and address them. Adhering to the above simple process makes it easy for Ecopainting to deliver a Nightmare Free Experience.

Karon and her team surpassed my expectations. Not only was the prep work meticulous, but great attention was also paid to all the coats of paint. In addition, George helped with paint colours and visited our home twice before the work began. I ‘d recommend Ecopainting to anyone”   Kim and Peter M. High Park area of Toronto

Expectations from Commercial Painting Contractors

You are a Facility Manager or owner and are considering a paint job for your premises. As usual there is only so much money in the budget and it needs to be used wisely. After all, painting your building is not something your company does annually, so a lot of thought has to go into the project.

Whether the painting involves an institution, a store or any public space, the users of the facility should not be inconvenienced. The painters may spend days, even weeks working in your space. Managing this type of project is about communication, controlled expectations and the right contractors. Closing the facility for renovations is not an option, so proper sequencing the work becomes vital. The professionalism of the Painting Contractors should be expected. When interviewing companies, ask in detail about their procedures and staff policies. Bring forward any concerns you might have and ask how they will address them..

Ecopainting specializes in commercial painting and has specific procedures and service policies. Before starting a job we provide the customer with our commercial client list with various companies from most industries. This, in addition to our Insurance and Safety certifications brings the customer a welcome peace of mind.

What to expect from Ecopainting:

  • Experience in servicing all types of facilities, public or private.
  • Product knowledge and technical support from the manufacturer.
  • Trained and uniformed staff and painters
  • The ability to work after normal hours without compromising quality.
  • Strict Environmental policies.

I had a chance to go and see and the finished product looks great. I have been amazed at how little disruption it was with the painting going on during business hours. I think it is a testament to the quality of work of you and your staff. Thanks. Marion C. Toronto building owner.

The “eco” in Ecopainting

It was about 12 years ago when we changed our company name to Ecopainting Inc. Running an eco-friendly painting company was then considered to be a niche. Anything ”Eco” or “Green” was only just starting to become trendy. The most available zero VOC paints in Toronto at that time were Glidden Lifemaster and Benjamin Moore Pristine Ecospec and there were only a handful of Toronto Painters offering eco painting services. Things have definitely changed for the better since, and we are all benefiting from it. Driven by consumer demand and a greener marketplace, paints have become safer for the consumer and the atmosphere.
Zero or low VOC paint is clearly becoming the standard today. The Eco-friendly painting bandwagon is getting crowded and this is such a great development. Quite a few Toronto Painters are considering themselves green and even market themselves as such. What is next for our industry and where do we go from here? The following procedures are not difficult to implement and can go a long way in reducing a painting company’s ecological footprint.

  • Responsible Waste disposal
  • Careful usage of water when washing paint brushes, rollers etc.
  • Recycling of leftover paints and materials
  • Recycling bags and systems for painters at job sites
  • Transportation alternatives for the painters and equipment
  • Responsible office and shop procedures

Ecopainting is a pioneer contractor in the green painting industry in Toronto. Painters have a responsibility to take their services to the next level. Just using zero VOC paint is not enough for our eco conscious Toronto customers. Implementing procedures like the ones listed above, is the minimum a painting company should be doing.

Painting Services availability in the Greater Toronto Area

The GTA includes the city of Toronto and the municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel and York. This is a large area with a growing population of over 6 million as of 2011. Ecopainting services most of the GTA by hiring local painters and crews when possible.

Read More about our areas of service in the GTA and our crew availability.

Nightmare Free Contracting. Is it even Possible?

We all heard the stories and unfortunately most of them are too true:

  • Contractors running away with cash deposits.
  • Painter promising anything to get the job then not finishing it.
  • Finding out later that the price was only for one coat.
  • Ceilings were not painted as promised.
  • There is paint on the floors, the sink, even the furniture.
  • There is dust throughout the house.
  • Paint lines are not sharp and the patching is terrible.
  • There are cigarette butts are all over the front lawn.

These stories can go on and on and are quite easy to find online. Do they depict a real picture of what our trade and industry are like? Not if you hired a professional painting company that cares about it’s customers. If the company that was hired was a cheaper, cash type business, these stories are the norm. There is no contract and no insurance coverage, as a result the customer has all the risk. In fact a contract is good for both the customer and the contractor. It’s not only a legal document but also a road-map to a great customer experience.
If you use online reviews ask for contact information, a lot of these are not real. Ecopainting has hundreds of hand written reviews and testimonials and they come with phone numbers. All you have to do is ask.

To experience some of the most professional Painters in Toronto call 416 733-7767