Local Vaughan Painters in Maple, Kleinburg, Concord & Woodbridge.

Are you a resident of Vaughan or a business owner looking for a painting company? Ecopainting is an established painting contractor servicing the local commercial and residential customers in Vaughan. We painted beautiful homes in Maple, Kleinburg and Woodbridge. We worked in retail establishments, shopping malls, even churches. Our commercial painters stay busy painting the many offices and corporate buildings in the Concord commercial area.

Vaughan is the fastest growing municipality in Canada. With a population growth rate of 80.2% according to Statistics Canada, it nearly doubled in size since 1991. By 2015, Vaughan had a population of 320,530 residents.

Vaughan’s population is diverse and well educated. In 2011 Vaughan’s average household income is $113,988, which is much higher than the provincial average. All this growth makes the relatively affluent population the perfect clientele for our GTA painters.

Our Commercial Painting Clients in Vaughan

Some of the bigger projects we painted in Vaughan were commercial. Our clients here include offices, stores, clinics and warehouses. We even painted the interior of the old Zion Lutheran Church of Maple on Keele Street. Three notable clients were Muir’s Cartage and the retail outlets of Lululemon Athletica and  Levi’s at Vaughan Mills.

Muir’s Cartage. Located in Concord (on Keele and 407), Muir’s Cartage is a major transport company and one of our commercial customers. In 2008-09, they needed to refresh the colours in their very large facility. They did not paint their facility for years and as a result their walls and doors could use a coat of paint or two. Since they haven’t done this for a while, the most crucial decision was choosing the right colours. Being a large organization with many stakeholders, picking colours meant contradicting opinions!

Instead of wasting time with emails and meetings we painted some colour samples in an empty boardroom. The staff could walk in and see how the shortlisted colours actually looked on a wall. Despite the samples, there was still some back and forth bickering before picking the final colours! At the end everyone was happy with the final selection. Creating the colour swatches with real paint was all worth it. Creating a happy customer is a worthwhile investment of time.

Commercial painting in Vaughan

Lululemon – Vaughan Mills. Ecopainting provided painting services to some well-known businesses and retailers in the area. A few years back, we were the painting contractor for all of the Lululemon stores in the GTA. This was a massive endeavour for a company of our size. One of the bigger outlets was the store in the Vaughan Mills shopping mall.

The biggest challenge with painting retail establishments such as this, is being able to do it without affecting their operations. For Lululemon the work was supposed to start after 9pm and be completed by the morning. The products we specified for these stores were the new waterborne paints by Benjamin Moore. These eco friendly coatings dry quickly and can be re-coated within one hour. Being zero VOC coatings, there was virtually no smell. A few hours later, the Lululemon outlet was open for business with fresh new colours but without any offensive odour!

Did you know? Ecopainting also offers commercial painting services in Brampton?

House Painters in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple & Kleinburg

Vaughan is a rapidly expanding community with new subdivisions being built constantly. About 45 minutes away from our office, our painters have worked on many interesting homes in Vaughan. What sets Ecopainting and its painters apart is the consistency in service and workmanship. Consequently, the reviews we get for our work speak volumes!

Handing over and trusting strangers with your home renovation and painting needs can be scary! We understand that and for this reason, our team will communicate with you clearly and frequently from the moment you hire us. The contract you sign will have the scope of work detailed out along with costs and the materials our painters plan to use. We will work with you to set a schedule and ensure that the painting job is completed on time and per your satisfaction.

Our clients in Vaughan, Sally, Lyndsay and Carlisle gave us these brilliant testimonials when we painted their homes in Vaughan:

Sally about painting her home in Kleinburg “A year after we moved into our dream home in Kleinburg we decided that we couldn’t live with the builder’s paint any more. The builder’s beige was unbearable and the nail pops were everywhere. From the moment I spoke to you, I knew I could trust and hire you to paint our house. One week and many gallons of paint later, I knew I hired the right painters. Thank you Karon, Leanne and George, my home is now beautiful”

Lyndsay and Carlisle – Interior painting in Maple. “We cannot thank Ecopainting enough for all the hard work they did in our home. Not only was the painting beautifully done, but the staff were all very friendly, neat and professional. Ecopainting is a company that can be trusted and completes stunning work by everyone. By the way, thank you for suggesting the Natura paint for the kitchen and family room. There was practically no smell when we got back from work. The white is so bright and refreshing. Ecopainting is strongly recommended by us both!”

Interior Painting in a Woodbridge home

Vaughan residential Painters working in this home in Woodbridge.

Interior painting is an enjoyable experience – especially for our customers! The process right from choosing the colour to the finished job is a decorating adventure. Imagine the possibilities when you decide to change the colour of that boring den. Or how would that kid’s playroom look drenched in shades of blue? Psychologists have carried out tons of significant research on how colours are a reflection of our moods and personalities. There is also a different colour associated with the energy centers in our body!

Homes painted with soothing eye colors or even bright shades can instantly create a feeling of calmness or joy. Our team enjoys working with clients on picking colour and brightening up dull interiors! A while back, we painted a beautiful Woodbridge home on Father Ermanno Crescent for a new customer. The crew painted most of the interiors including kitchen, stairways, main area, foyer and bedrooms. What did we use? Regal Select from Benjamin Moore on the walls and Ultraspec 500 flat on the ceilings.

The home was now dressed in beautiful colours such as “Rusty Nail” in the entrance foyer, “Coverntry Gray” in the kitchen and “Sapphire Berry” in the master bedroom. The customers were delighted with the quick transformation and so were we! Crew leader Alex and Julia worked hard on the drywall repairs as well. They worked late to accommodate the family and minimize the disruption caused by painting.

The customer, Natalia left us this glowing review on Facebook:
“We hired Ecopainting to paint our home in Vaughan last week and I am delighted with the work. Karon and her team were friendly, professional and did some excellent painting. They did two floors of our home and it makes a huge difference. They communicated with me regularly, helped me pick the colours, and walked me through the work as it was being done. They did drywall repair in a few rooms, and repaired some ceilings too. I wish I had found them sooner! I will definitely hire them again to paint our basement and the outside of our place. Excellent business.”

In Maple, Woodbridge, Concord, Kleinburg, our painters are ready to service your residential or commercial needs. Call 416 733-7767 for a consultation, or request an estimate online.

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