Painting Over Wallpaper

painting over wallpaper option

The painting community is a tough one – we know that painting over wallpaper can be sacrilege to some. But if you’re looking for an easier way to get your room back in shape, consider painting over that old and ugly eyesore! We have painted over it, it works fine and it’s a sensible solution to a seemingly big problem. If you are hiring professional painters to do this, it might even save you some … Read more

Basement Painting

Painting a basement room

Do you feel like your living space is a bit cramped? Or maybe you just want to give some of your home a fresh new look. If so, consider painting your basement! Painting can make your basement feel more open and inviting, and it’s a quick and easy way to give your home a facelift. Perhaps you are a homeowner who is looking for a way to generate some extra income. If so, you may … Read more

T-Bar Ceiling Painting

The office t-bar ceiling is complete

T-bar ceilings consist of a metal grid (t-bars) and of course the ceiling tiles. They are usually installed to hide overhead ducts and pipes and it’s a smart way to lower the ceiling height. T-bar ceilings are installed by professional contractors and sometimes companies that specialize in ceiling system installations. T-bar ceilings are sometimes called acoustical ceilings, as they help improve the overall acoustics of the work space. Better acoustics in the office make it … Read more

Careers In Painting

Becoming a professional woman painter

Click Here for a Job Application. Why would a woman want to become a painter? Why would anyone consider employment in the trades? These are valid questions stemming from incorrect assumptions that young people have about the trades. Let’s examine why being a painter or working in trades is a great career choice based on some indisputable facts. Women have found working in the trades very rewarding. Flexible scheduling is important to women. Tradespeople often … Read more

Painters And The Recession

Painting work during a recession

A Recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth and it seems that we are heading there very fast. Recessions can have a big impact on the home service trades, and painters in particular. When new construction is slow, people are less likely to hire painters for new projects. But they may still need painting maintenance and repairs for their existing homes. That means as a painter, you need to make yourself … Read more

Painting Sequence

What gets painted first

A painter learns how to apply paint and how to prepare a surface professionally. There are tried and true methods of sequencing the job, to make the process seameless and the results predictable. The Painting Contractors Association (PCA) has documented sequencing standards and have always been a good resource for educating our painters.  The purpose of this blog is to share our procedures and content from our document: “This is how we all do it … Read more

Small Condo Colour

Colour to change size perception

Transform Your Small Condo with Colour. Colour can affect mood and space awareness so much so, that even practitioners use colour therapy (aka chromotherapy) to treat certain disorders. Human beings respond to specific colours which cause subtle changes to biological function and general mood. Colour consultants understand how the correct choice of paint colour can transform any interior space. By painting a condo with smart colours you can make it feel like home right after you … Read more

A Markham Church

Markham Church Interior

The year was 2022 and Ontario was under lockdown regulations. These were difficult times for the health industry and the general public. Businesses like retail and hospitality were hit very hard by public health restrictions. The contracting world and the painting trade in particular was not immune from the covid crisis. We at Ecopainting had to adjust the way our crews interacted with the customer while keeping our painters working. Exterior jobs became the painters’ … Read more