Woodbridge Painters

A typical deck our Woodbridge painters stain

Are you a homeowner or a building manager looking for painters in Woodbridge? Ecopainting is a reputable painting contractor in the GTA servicing both commercial and residential projects. We employ amazing painters that love what they do and keep our customers happy year after year. Some of our painters live in the area and would rather work close to home than commute daily to Toronto. About Woodbridge Woodbridge was independent until 1971, when it amalgamated … Read more

Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Review

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec SCUFF-X Review

Will the Ultraspec SCUFF-X paint make life a little easier for facility managers and building owners? Benjamin Moore describes SCUFF-X as “ A high-performance, one-component latex coating specifically engineered to deliver outstanding performance and protection for the toughest high-traffic areas in busy commercial spaces. This breakthrough product offers superior durability and more scuff-resistant properties than traditional 2-component coatings.” Building managers are always on the lookout for tough coatings that make maintenance easier. There are a … Read more

Daycare Centre Painting

Careful with painting daycare centre and preschoolers colour

Daycare centres and other preschool facilities need frequent painting and maintenance. Preschoolers have many things in their wandering minds but being careful with their surroundings is not one of them. Yet parents and teachers expect sparkling clean walls and preschooler friendly colours. Servicing a facility that is solely focused on the care of children is difficult. Facility managers know that having the right contractor will go a long in helping the redecorating process. How to Find … Read more

Exterior Staining with Sansin Stain

Sansin SDF Stain Review

This is not an extensive review of Sansin Stain as much as it is the sharing of our experience with the Sansin SDF product. We used Sansin Stain before but never as much as we did last year. Exterior staining in cold climates is challenging and most exterior painters in Toronto avoid taking the risk. The winters are long and cold and the summers short and humid. Staining decks and wood structures under these conditions … Read more

What Colour To Paint My Exterior

Beautiful exterior colour is red and charcoal

There are many television shows and magazines, dedicated to picking colour when house painting. The look of the exterior of a house is very often overlooked. The fact is, the outside of a home is what we see first. It is the first impression we make to our guests and visitors or the statement we make about ourselves to our neighbours. Before embarking on an exterior painting job it’s a good idea to think about … Read more

The Cats During Painting And Renovations

The cat welcomed the painters during the renovations

Contractors need to be mindful of cats during Painting and renovations. Interior projects such as painting can be very difficult and disruptive to the family routine. It can be even more stressful for your pets, especially for cats. Cats are curious and can often get themselves into trouble for being just that. It’s a good idea to discuss your pets and any concerns you might have with the contractor before any painting starts. Karon is the … Read more

Gymnasium Painters

School Gymnasium Painters

The School Gymnasium needs maintenance and painting. It’s predictable, year after year. School is out for the summer and regular and maintenance is on the agenda for the summer. When the school is closed, one of the biggest tasks commercial painters face, is painting as much as possible with September just around the corner. Schools are usually crowded spaces of “active” learning. As a result surfaces take a beating daily from “enthusiastic” students. Especially school … Read more

Painting Building Interiors

Interior commercial painting in Markham building

Painting the interior of a commercial building is a major undertaking for property managers or facility operators. When the building is empty the project is much easier to execute. There are no tenants to work around and nobody gets inconvenienced. In an empty or new building the challenges are all about production. The general contractor expects good production, and a reliable painting crew. Cooperation with the other trades and flexible scheduling is the expectation here. Painting … Read more