Painting Building Interiors

Interior commercial painting in Markham building

Painting the interior of a commercial building is a major undertaking for property managers or facility operators. When the building is empty the project is much easier to execute. There are no tenants to work around and nobody gets inconvenienced. In an empty or new building the challenges are all about production. The general contractor expects good production, and a reliable painting crew. Cooperation with the other trades and flexible scheduling is the expectation here. Painting … Read more

Mississauga Commercial Painting

Commercial painting in Mississauga building

Ecopainting provides commercial painting in Mississauga. Centrally located, we are not far from a number of local landmarks such as Square One and the Mississauga Civic Centre. Our plan is to be known as the area’s most trusted contractor. Is Mississauga a good place to grow a Painting Company? Many areas in the GTA are experiencing growth and have a strong business sector. The growth in this area is phenomenal and a painting contractor will do … Read more

Greenwashing & Paint

The real eco-friendly companies

If you purchased paint recently, you most likely came across the term known as VOC. It stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. During the painting process these are the chemicals being released into the air. They are harmful to both the atmosphere and our indoor air quality. Most manufacturers claim that their own products have less of them, or zero VOC content. Painting contractors added this new term to the trade lingo as the new trade buzzword in blogs and sales meetings. … Read more

Washing The Rollers Or Not

Washing rollers or not

There has been some discussion lately, whether to wash paint rollers or throw them out after a paint job. Being an eco-friendly painting company, we deal with this question often. But simply comparing the environmental impact of paint water waste, versus solid waste of a dried up roller is not an accurate comparison. As a painting contractor, we need to replace every thrown out roller with a new one. What is really the ecological footprint created … Read more

How Often To Paint The Interior

How often should you paint your home interior

How often should you paint the interior of your house? The answer to this question depends on many factors and very often these factors are décor based. If the colours look dated, or if you are a new resident and the colours are not your favourite, the home will get painted sooner or later. However this blog is not meant to be about decorating and I will try to stay away from that. Also this … Read more

Interior Painting How-To’s

DIY for Absolute Beginners

A lot has been said about painting, colours, right tools to use, the best season and so on. However, nothing can be handier than a guide that lists everything down in the simplest possible manner. DIY enthusiasts often complain about not the lack of information available to them but the excess of it. With painting suggestions pouring in from left, right and center – it can be easy to get lost. In this guide, Ecopainting, … Read more

Paint Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bright colour for small bathroom.

Small bathrooms can be a pain to deal with. If you as a homeowner are planning a residential painting project, optimizing the use of existing space is probably one of your major concerns. A home can certainly use more area, but in situations where it isn’t feasible to expand an existing bathroom, one of the ways you can make a small bathroom look larger is through paint. Bathroom painting is a cheap and easy way … Read more

Interview With Our Estimator

Painting estimator looking at the exterior

When meeting with the estimator, the potentional customer actually meets the painting company face to face, likely for the first time. Maybe the customer read through painters reviews  before booking an appointment and knows what to expect but the first impressions are the most important ones. In a very small company, the owner wears many hats including the sales hat. It is common for the painter to do estimating straight after work, without even having a chance to … Read more