Interior and Exterior Painting Service in Woodbridge

Are you a homeowner or a building manager looking for painters in Woodbridge? Ecopainting is a reputable painting contractor in the GTA servicing both commercial and residential projects. We employ amazing painters that love what they do and keep our customers happy year after year. Some of our painters live in the area and would rather work close to home than commute daily to Toronto.

About Woodbridge

Woodbridge was independent until 1971, when it amalgamated with neighbouring towns to form the city of Vaughan. Remaining from the old town is the very pretty downtown area, located between Islington Avenue and Kipling Avenue just north of Highway 7.

The first settlements started in the early 1800s and Woodbridge was named in 1855. It was named after the wooden bridge that crossed the Humber River in that area. The bridge is still there but it is renovated and now made of steel.

Woodbridge is within the service area.

The biggest growth happened in the 1950s when many Italian Canadians started moving here. Their influence can be seen in the construction of custom homes and all their interior detail. Today Woodbridge is a big suburban community with large homes and keeping our Vaughan Painters busy all year round.

Why Use Ecopainting for Exterior Painting?

Ontario’s extreme climate is not very kind to exterior surfaces. Frequent painting is the most important upkeep anyone can do to maintain the integrity of an exterior structure. Choosing high quality paint and an experienced contractor are essential elements of a successful paint job.

The best exterior paints are acrylic and made by major manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. Manufacturers make different grades of paint for different purposes but it’s safe to say that price is a good indicator of quality grade. Since you only need a few gallons to paint a house exterior we recommend the most expensive paint you can afford.

The importance of preparation work

Using expensive paint will be a complete waste of money if the proper prep is not applied to the surfaces:

  • Surfaces should be washed clean and dry.
  • Any loose and flaking paint must be scraped, wire-brushed and then sanded.
  • If any wood is soft or damaged it’s a good idea to patch it with epoxy compounds or replace it with new wood.
  • Cracks within and around windows and trim should get new acrylic or elastomeric caulking.
  • After all the surfaces are sound sanded and dust free, it’s time to prime them. 
  • Different substrates require specialty primers.

A typical Woodbridge home needing prep work.

Ecopainting has all the experience and product knowledge to be the right contractor for your home exterior. Whether you need your house trim, siding or railing taken care of, we are the right painting company If you have a deck that needs staining, we have field experience with the new and environmentally compliant stains.

Interior Painting Service for Woodbridge Customers

There are some older homes in Woodbridge but most of them are large subdivision homes and custom builds. Some of the bigger homes feature high ceilings, big foyers and ornamental trim and woodwork. While smaller homes can be painted fast, most custom homes require craftsmanship that only few painters can provide. It is not unusual for large home interiors to take a week or two to repaint. These are definitely not the type of homes that you trust to the local “1 Day” service company.

When the home is occupied, there are extra considerations for the homeowner:

  • Will the painters be friendly and respectful?
  • Will they be considerate with family members, children and pets?
  • Are they trained on how to protect the furniture and floors?
  • Are they safe to work on high ladders and scaffolding?
  • Do the workers have all safety certifications?
  • As a homeowner are you protected by WSIB and Liability Insurance?
  • Will the contractor send subcontractors to your home, or they use their own staff?

Ecopainting hires painters based on many criteria but first of all they are good people. Then we train them extensively to learn and follow our customer service systems. Customer satisfaction is often measured by the volume of repeat business and referrals a company gets.  Here is a recent review we received online:

“We had our home painted and couldn’t be more pleased. Every day they started on time and completed what they said they would. The entire job was done very well, professionally and on schedule. There was great attention to detail and the two individuals on site were excellent. We were very happy with the result. Many thanks!” Shawna G. Woodbridge residential customer.

Commercial Painting in the Woodbridge Area

Commercial Paint job in retail store dressing rooms

Most of the commercial activity in the area happens in the Downtown area, along highway 7 or just east by Jane Street. During the last 15 years Ecopainting worked on commercial projects in Concord and the growing Vaughan community. In the downtown sector we had the opportunity to service a condominium building and painted for two retail stores.

Vaughan Mills is a major shopping centre in the area, catering to the shopping needs of the west GTA consumer. Our commercial painters worked for a few mall establishments, including the Lululemon and Levis retail stores. Working for retail customers had its challenges as most of the work gets done after the stores are closed and sometimes late on weekends. Here is a testimonial we received from a client:
Thank you again and my compliments to your painters. I cannot express enough how easy you folks are to work with, considering all work is done at night” Paul F. after the Lululemon Athletica projects.

The Earth Rangers is a conservation organization working to promote environmental knowledge to children. It is located next to the Kortright Centre just North East of Pine Valley Drive and Rutherford Road. The Earth Rangers was one of the most interesting locations we worked in, as we got to observe the important work that they do.

When you need a painting contractor, it’s a good idea to prequalify your potential vendors. It’s also important to match their experience with the project that you have in mind. For interior, exterior or commercial service, Ecopainting is definitely the company for you.

Book an appointment with our estimator and you will be impressed with our customer systems, right from the start. We are confident that after our painters complete your project, you will be joining our growing list of satisfied clients.

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